Most Common Texting Abbreviations you should know

Financial System Code

► RTO 
Regional Transport Office

Automated Teller Machine

► VAT 
Value Added Tax

► PIN 
identification number

► NOC 
No Objection Certificate

► PAN 
Permanent Account Number

► ISI 
Indian Standards Institute

► POA 
Power Of Attorney

► GPS 
Global Positioning System

► GST 
Goods and Services tax

Closed-circuit television

► SD Cards 
Secure digital card

► CPU 
Central processing unit

► RTI 
CRight to Information

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Unique identification authority of India

► PNG 
Portable Network Graphic

► DVD 
Digital versatile disc 

► AM/PM 
AM(ante meridiem) – Before Noon
PM(Post Meridiem) – afternoon

► IP 
Internet Protocol

High definition multimedia interface

► URL 
Uniform Resource Locator

► PDF 
Portable document format

► CC / BCC 
Carbon Copy / Blind Carbon Copy

► LCD 
Liquid crystal display

► SSL 
Secure Sockets Layer

► DSL 
Digital Subscriber Line

► ISP 
Internet service provider

► SQL 
Structured query language

Joint Photographic Experts Group

► GPU 

Graphics processing unit

Hypertext Markup Language

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