[130+] Medicine General Knowledge question and answers 2024

Q1. Who is considered the father of neurology? A. Paul Enrich B. F.J.Gall C. Pincus D. Kolf Ans. B Q2. Who was the inventor of the kidney machine? A. Willem Johan Kolff B. Sertumer C. Robert Koch D. Einthoven Ans. A Q3. Who was the first to diagnose cancer? A. Henry Swan B. Edward Calvin … Read more

Indian Economy General Knowledge | Economy GK 2024

1. Economic survey is published by A. Ministry of Finance B. Planning commission C. Government of India D. Indian Statistical Institute Answer: A. Ministry of Finance  2. In which state in India the average rainfall is 200 metres? A. Rajasthan B. Punjab C. Jammu—Kashmir D. Arunachal Pradesh Answer: C. Jammu—Kashmir  3. Which one of the … Read more

Railway general knowledge | Indian Railway GK 2019

1. In which year 1st train was started in India? (A) 1982 (B) 1853 (C) 1851 (D) 1982 Answer: (B) 1853 2. When was the first electric train ran in India? (A) 1925 (B) 1942 (C) 1967 (D) 1848 Answer: (A) 1925 3. Where is the longest railway platform in India? A. Chennai B. Kolkata … Read more