Chemistry General Knowledge | Chemistry GK 2020

chemistry gk

1. What type of acid is found in curd?

(A) lactic acid
(B) Citric Acid
(C) Oxalic acid
(D) Other

(A) lactic acid

2. Which following substances whose taste is sour and which makes the solution of blue litmus red?

(A) Acid
(B) salts
(C) consume
(D) saline

(A) Acid

3. Who are strongly acidic in the following?

(A) pH = 7
(B) pH = 14
(C) pH = 0
(D) pH = 3

(C) pH = 0

4. Who does not have oxidation in the following?

(A) Precipitation
(B) Consumption of food
(C) Respiration
(D) combustion

(A) Precipitation

5. What is free when the basalt is dissolved in water?

(A) (OH) – ion
(B) H + ion
(C) Both ions
(D) No ion

(A) (OH) – ion

6. What are the causes of Blue Baby Syndrome?

[A] sulfate
[B] chloride
[C] carbonate
[D] Nitrate

[D] Nitrate

7. What is the compound used in the battery used in the electric car?

[A] magnesium
[B] lithium
[C] sodium
[D] Copper

[B] lithium

8. Gammaxene, DDT and bleaching powder are compounds of?

[A] sulfur
[B] nitrogen
[C] chlorine
[D] phosphorus

[C] chlorine

9. Which element is not present in pure sugar?

[A] nitrogen
[B] Hydrogen
[C] carbon
[D] Oxygen

[A] nitrogen

10. What is Malathion?

[A] pigment
[B] Vitamin
[C] insecticide
[D] carbohydrate

[C] insecticide



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