Chemistry General Knowledge | Chemistry GK 2024

1. What type of acid is found in curd?

(A) lactic acid
(B) Citric Acid
(C) Oxalic acid
(D) Other

Answer: (A) lactic acid

2. Which following substances whose taste is sour and which makes the solution of blue litmus red?

(A) Acid
(B) salts
(C) consume
(D) saline

Answer: (A) Acid

3. Who are strongly acidic in the following?

(A) pH = 7
(B) pH = 14
(C) pH = 0
(D) pH = 3

Answer: (C) pH = 0 

4. Who does not have oxidation in the following?

(A) Precipitation
(B) Consumption of food
(C) Respiration
(D) combustion

Answer: (A) Precipitation

5. What is free when the basalt is dissolved in water?

(A) (OH) – ion
(B) H + ion
(C) Both ions
(D) No ion

Answer: (A) (OH) – ion 

6. What are the causes of Blue Baby Syndrome?

[A] sulfate
[B] chloride
[C] carbonate
[D] Nitrate

Answer: [D] Nitrate 

7. What is the compound used in the battery used in the electric car?

[A] magnesium
[B] lithium
[C] sodium
[D] Copper

Answer: [B] lithium 

8. Gammaxene, DDT and bleaching powder are compounds of?

[A] sulfur
[B] nitrogen
[C] chlorine
[D] phosphorus

Answer: [C] chlorine 

9. Which element is not present in pure sugar?

[A] nitrogen
[B] Hydrogen
[C] carbon
[D] Oxygen

Answer: [A] nitrogen

10. What is Malathion?

[A] pigment
[B] Vitamin
[C] insecticide
[D] carbohydrate

Answer: [C] insecticide 


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