Why LPG Cylinder are painted red?

Why LPG Cylinders are painted red?

LPG Cylinder is painted red because Red color is a sign of danger as LPG Cylinder is inflammable.

Common Sense Questions Is Egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

If we go by the definition of non-vegetarian then it states those who eat flesh are non-vegetarians, the egg is indeed vegetarian...

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Q1. Who is considered the father of neurology? A. Paul Enrich B. F.J.Gall C. Pincus D. Kolf Ans. B Q2. Who was the inventor of the kidney machine? A. Willem Johan...

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1. Economic survey is published by A. Ministry of Finance B. Planning commission C. Government of India D. Indian Statistical Institute A. Ministry of Finance 2. In which state...
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