What is the number of Schedules in Constitution of India?

[A] 8

[B] 10
[C] 11
[D] 12

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  1.  D [12]
    Schedules are lists in the Constitution of India that categorize and tabulate bureaucratic activities and policy of the Government. Indian Constitution had originally eight schedules. 9th schedule was added via First Amendment Act. 10th Schedule was first added by 35th Amendment (Sikkim as Associate State) but as Sikkim became a state of India, the original 10 Schedule was repealed. Later it was added once again by 52th Amendment Act, 1985 to park the anti-defection law. Eleventh Schedule was added by 73rd amendment and has list of subjects under the Panchayat Raj institutions or rural local government. Twelfth Schedule was added by 74th amendment and enlists the subjects under Municipalities or urban local government.

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