Why School bus painted yellow?

School bus painted yellow because yellow is a color that was specifically formulated for use on school buses in North America in the year 1939. Later it becomes known officially as a “National school bus chrome”. The yellow color was chosen because it attracts attention and is noticed quickly in peripheral vision, faster than any … Read more

Most Common Texting Abbreviations you should know 2024

► IFSCFinancial System Code ► RTO Regional Transport Office ► ATMAutomated Teller Machine ► VAT Value Added Tax ► PIN identification number ► NOC No Objection Certificate ► PAN Permanent Account Number ► ISI Indian Standards Institute ► POA Power Of Attorney ► GPS Global Positioning System ► GST Goods and Services tax ► CCTV Closed-circuit television ► SD Cards Secure digital card ► CPU Central processing … Read more